Friday, March 28, 2014

Grumpy hearts

Sweetest sounds grace my living room, as my daughters ask for music and sing along to church songs. "Hey Mom! This is a Jesus song!"  "Mom, can we sing "Sing and Shout(Matt Redman)?"
How precious to see my daughters enter into worship all our their own. How thankful I am to have a worship party in my living room.

My day did not start this way, before the above moments, I was wishing for quiet, for no one to climb on me, my heart was grumpy and I was not someone you wanted to be around. How simple it is for our hearts to change when we do not focus on ourselves or our to-do lists...BUT instead focus on our Christ. 

Today in Manitoba, is the last Friday in March, the last Friday before spring break. It is not warm out today. Today I dressed my son like it was December outside. This has been a LONG winter.

I was at a funeral yesterday for an elderly woman in our Church. Levina Plett was a woman who was remembered to never complain. Levina lived rough the dirty 30's, her father passed away when she was 20 and planning to be married. Putting off her marriage to serve her family, keep up worth the farm work, to be a support. I heard a story yesterday, of how she badly injured herself in a horse and buggy accident but did not complain even though she could not get to a doctor. When she did, it was too late to sew up her leg, so it healed on its on. BUT SHE DID NOT COMPLAIN.

I knew Levina for two short years, but she left a legacy even for me. 

Find JOY, be GRATEFUL, be WORSHIPFUL, Wait On The Lord.

May I be a woman, who does not complain, who does not navel gaze, but who always looks for Jesus, who is EXPECTANT of God.

The song that was her favorite was "Tell me the story of Jesus"

Oh soul, change your focus, oh God lift up my eyes, that I search for the Story of Jesus, that I seek after you. That I wait for YOU.


  1. Thanks for visiting and subscribing Jessica! I really appreciate it! Great post! It is so hard to not complain...sometime I find I do it out of habit! Yikes! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Just read this post today and checked out the song you posted at the end. I had never heard that song before and I loved it!! Exactly what I needed to hear today and was cranked on repeat at my house a good chunk of the day! Lol!! Thanks for sharing!!