Friday, March 28, 2014

Grumpy hearts

Sweetest sounds grace my living room, as my daughters ask for music and sing along to church songs. "Hey Mom! This is a Jesus song!"  "Mom, can we sing "Sing and Shout(Matt Redman)?"
How precious to see my daughters enter into worship all our their own. How thankful I am to have a worship party in my living room.

My day did not start this way, before the above moments, I was wishing for quiet, for no one to climb on me, my heart was grumpy and I was not someone you wanted to be around. How simple it is for our hearts to change when we do not focus on ourselves or our to-do lists...BUT instead focus on our Christ. 

Today in Manitoba, is the last Friday in March, the last Friday before spring break. It is not warm out today. Today I dressed my son like it was December outside. This has been a LONG winter.

I was at a funeral yesterday for an elderly woman in our Church. Levina Plett was a woman who was remembered to never complain. Levina lived rough the dirty 30's, her father passed away when she was 20 and planning to be married. Putting off her marriage to serve her family, keep up worth the farm work, to be a support. I heard a story yesterday, of how she badly injured herself in a horse and buggy accident but did not complain even though she could not get to a doctor. When she did, it was too late to sew up her leg, so it healed on its on. BUT SHE DID NOT COMPLAIN.

I knew Levina for two short years, but she left a legacy even for me. 

Find JOY, be GRATEFUL, be WORSHIPFUL, Wait On The Lord.

May I be a woman, who does not complain, who does not navel gaze, but who always looks for Jesus, who is EXPECTANT of God.

The song that was her favorite was "Tell me the story of Jesus"

Oh soul, change your focus, oh God lift up my eyes, that I search for the Story of Jesus, that I seek after you. That I wait for YOU.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thirsty...dry... Drink of me...

"Like a deer to the pool, I'm coming after you.
 Like a thirsty animal, my heart is for your love." (John Mark McMillan)

A lady in our church was telling me a story about a month ago. She had come home from work one day and was unusually tired. So tired, that she considered going to bed as soon as possible. Out of habit, she had a glass of water. She was so thirsty, she drained it right away and continued drinking. She drank glass after glass, until 8 large glasses later, she was satisfied. Not only satisfied, but regenerated, she had ENERGY! 

And Jesus said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”John 4:13-15

Do we know what it means to desire something so much that we are DESPERATE?

This lady at the well, I think as we go through our Christian walk we are all ladies at the well from time to time.

She came alone, but left surrounded, she came thirsty and left to never thirst again, she ASKED, he SOUGHT her out, she desired and he asked her to be REAL. "Go, call your Husband and come here." (Knowing she had no husband)


the Father is seeking.....

Drink of me, drink of me, let me satisfy you. LET ME REVIVE YOU...


God is good

I find it interesting how as soon as I speak of something, like time, that is the area on which I begin to struggle most. God is good and is he is Grace!
Track your time, and see where you worship.....
Games are a nemesis to me,  although fun and challenging, they are time CONSUMING and Swallowing

At youth on Friday, I was challenged by my Pastor, what should I surrender?
Where can I give more time to The Lord...
I immediately think social media. Although I think that on a continuous basis we should re-evaluate our time spent on things like social media, I jumped the gun thinking definitely that, but only that. When God was asking for more. More than that, more then the given, more then the usual. 

My pastor said " When we surrender, God moves, we are expectant!" BE EXPECTANT

I want to be EXPECTANT
 I want to DESIRE more
  I want to be USEFUL
   I want to see GOD SHOW UP!

So begins the inventory. Where does most of my day go? When accessing my iPad, what app do I always touch first? Where do timers need to come into place? I need to TRACK MY TIME! 

A wonderful woman in our church body passed this week....
 She was expectant of God, she was desirous of Him, she saw God move
   she WAITED.

Friday, March 21, 2014

my heart runs

 I clearly remember this morning, unlike any other morning. I was a teenager on a missions trip in Haines Alaska we went for a walk after breakfast. I was coming up to the crest of the hill and before me was a mountain, large and majestic, with the water before it and my heart burst into song! "Shout to The Lord all the Earth let us sing, Power and majesty praise to the King!"


fast forward 15 years...

Track your time...

How do I spend my time?

How do I worship?
Who do I worship??

Do I use every opportunity given? 
Do I look expectantly, am I awake??

an old song runs repeatedly through my heart, "as the dear pants for the water so my soul longs after thee, You alone are my hearts desire and I long to worship you, I want you more then gold or silver, so much more than anything, only you can satisfy, you alone are the real joy giver and the apple of my eye..."

How I long for The Lord, how my soul pants for the water of life.


a friend told me how her daughter wanted to paint a picture for Jesus when she got to heaven, my friend told her how she can do that right now, right here, for whatever you do unto God is WORSHIP

how are you spending your time...

Wake UP!
Desire ME!
Be like Jonah and call me from the deep.....
Run oh my heart, run after Him....

Monday, March 10, 2014

So very sore and tired.......

Although today was not totally all I had hoped for, I am so pleased with how it did go. 
Today was our Family day, just ours. We pulled Samuel out of school and spent the day doing fun stuff. Today I am thankful for 
1) spring in the first no-jacket day!!
2) my wonderful husband who all though was thoroughly exhausted, spent the day playing, bowling, BBQ-ing and Lego building
3) the wonderful children to do all the below with.....

I was hoping to post more, but exhaustion has taken over until tomorrow. Enjoy the Pictures

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Home from skiing well

Well we are home from skiing. A weekend away with many wonderful times, memories and miracles. So for the short and sweet blog post today.... I am #thankful for 
1) a weekend away
2) memories made
3) miracles prayed for and seen!!!
Better post tomorrow...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What does Lent Mean To Me?

Alright I am here, so this will definelty be a short post as my time on this snow day is limited. I will take what I can get. March is here, warm weather is here, but also a snow storm.  I think this is the first snow storm this year that I didn't completely mind as I know warm weather is around the corner and a youth ski trip on the weekend. 
I have been continually challenged as of late in so very many things, one that has stayed with me for months now is the attitude of gratitude (#1000gifts). I have been wondering how ill jump start this blog so that everyday I can blog be it long or short. 
Also, we are now in the period of lent, what does lent mean to me? Although each Easter season is one that I treasure as I spend time reflecting on my Lord and all he has done for me, for his Glory. I remember clearly a Good Friday where The Lord so touched me, and I was so focused that I met with Him for an afternoon on my face in my apartment. I was single, and time was mine to do with how I wanted. But why does having kids and a husband and a home so halt me from doing this. It may not be an afternoon , it may be an evening or an early morning. 
In all reality the only thing from stopping my opportunity with Christ in this season is me. So for lent to me it means this.... dedicated time with my Lord,  spending time with a grateful heart, doing #thejoydare, counting my #1000gifts, and seeing my Lord with fresh new eyes.
So until tomorrow....
Today I am grateful for...
1) my children even when they drive me hairy
2) my LORD at all times
3) my husband's family, although things are not rosy, they love our kids and they love us.