Tuesday, March 25, 2014

God is good

I find it interesting how as soon as I speak of something, like time, that is the area on which I begin to struggle most. God is good and is he is Grace!
Track your time, and see where you worship.....
Games are a nemesis to me,  although fun and challenging, they are time CONSUMING and Swallowing

At youth on Friday, I was challenged by my Pastor, what should I surrender?
Where can I give more time to The Lord...
I immediately think social media. Although I think that on a continuous basis we should re-evaluate our time spent on things like social media, I jumped the gun thinking definitely that, but only that. When God was asking for more. More than that, more then the given, more then the usual. 

My pastor said " When we surrender, God moves, we are expectant!" BE EXPECTANT

I want to be EXPECTANT
 I want to DESIRE more
  I want to be USEFUL
   I want to see GOD SHOW UP!

So begins the inventory. Where does most of my day go? When accessing my iPad, what app do I always touch first? Where do timers need to come into place? I need to TRACK MY TIME! 

A wonderful woman in our church body passed this week....
 She was expectant of God, she was desirous of Him, she saw God move
   she WAITED.

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