Thursday, March 6, 2014

What does Lent Mean To Me?

Alright I am here, so this will definelty be a short post as my time on this snow day is limited. I will take what I can get. March is here, warm weather is here, but also a snow storm.  I think this is the first snow storm this year that I didn't completely mind as I know warm weather is around the corner and a youth ski trip on the weekend. 
I have been continually challenged as of late in so very many things, one that has stayed with me for months now is the attitude of gratitude (#1000gifts). I have been wondering how ill jump start this blog so that everyday I can blog be it long or short. 
Also, we are now in the period of lent, what does lent mean to me? Although each Easter season is one that I treasure as I spend time reflecting on my Lord and all he has done for me, for his Glory. I remember clearly a Good Friday where The Lord so touched me, and I was so focused that I met with Him for an afternoon on my face in my apartment. I was single, and time was mine to do with how I wanted. But why does having kids and a husband and a home so halt me from doing this. It may not be an afternoon , it may be an evening or an early morning. 
In all reality the only thing from stopping my opportunity with Christ in this season is me. So for lent to me it means this.... dedicated time with my Lord,  spending time with a grateful heart, doing #thejoydare, counting my #1000gifts, and seeing my Lord with fresh new eyes.
So until tomorrow....
Today I am grateful for...
1) my children even when they drive me hairy
2) my LORD at all times
3) my husband's family, although things are not rosy, they love our kids and they love us.

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