Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What is quiet times and how do I get them??

This is one of those learning posts...as I am still learning but talk as I learn.....
I recently put up a post of a cup of coffee, books, bible and a candle. If upon checking out my instagram or Facebook, you will probably see what I am talking about. 
My cousin-in-law asked how I get time like that. This is not the first time this question has been asked of me. 
 I am a mom of 4 busy kids, a Pastor's wife and in charge of feeding and cleaning my house. Time can always seem tight. A few months back I posted about the "good portion" and my cleaning being a huge weakness for me. It still is. That is a construction zone in my life, always improving. 

But I want to talk today about our spiritual lives, male and female alike. About 4 years ago, my husband was challenged to get more into the scripture. After that weekend he didn't look back. He pressed into God's word. He got up early morning to have his time with The Lord. He became a different man in the next four years. He spiritually grew more and more each day. 

Mornings and I are not the best of friends. Even when I arise early, everyone gets up and needs me. So mornings first thing are a very hard thing for me to maintain.
I find time, where I find time. Sometimes that means my kids watch a show or movie(like right now), sometimes they are playing so nicely they do not need me. 
Housework is done in a dedicated 2 hrs a day(most days)
Sometimes dinner is a little later, sometimes things are not as tidy

But as I told a friend earlier this year...."I am a bad mom without Jesus." 
Without me in the word, I am a grumpy, moody, snappy mom and wife.
Without God, now can I lead my children to follow Him, if they never see me follow Him.

Something's my kids go without something while I meet with The Lord, but they are not suffering.
My children know that Mommy reads her bible and during that time to not bother me. 
They know Mommy is reading her bible.

Summer is here, and I am fighting against stagnant water. Yesterday, I didn't read the word for very long, I didn't allow it to be apart of my day....I kept thinking I was missing something all day.....
Same today, I went on Facebook  before reading the word.....truth be told, it took till 3:00 for me to meet with The Lord. I need to learn to put down the devices, meet with my saviour instead of the current news feed. 
I need to feed my soul, I want to be one who refuses to allow the things of this world to crowd my heart. I want to be like the Gentiles in Acts 13:48-52

I urge you, as I urge myself do not let stagnant water be the image that depicts your personal spiritual life this summer....it may seem selfish to say "not right now" to our children, or our housework or dinner, but what may seem selfish is In fact putting Christ where He belongs. First and foremost in our lives. 

May your summer be a rushing river, overflowing its banks, touching areas you never know or guessed it would. May your summer be fruitful. May you look back and say, I have grown so much from this summer. May God be our Everything.