Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Organization my weakness

I am a mommy four kids, a pastor's wife and a bad organizer

There it is out. My weakness. 

I struggle in is area every day, schedules are my nemesis, and should be my best friend.

When I look back at a regular day, I find I lose time so very quickly. 

One day, well reading Ann Voskamp's blog, she featured an article in her "Multivitamins for the weekend." Where the author talks of a concept "It only takes a minute." I wish I could find this post for you....a day changer, when you realize how little a chore takes.

No more overwhelmed

No more dreading

I would like to have a wall sticker for a constant reminder...

I write a list, and then by they end of the day i feel as i though I failed...
most of the list is unaccomplished...
but my identity is not in the list.


So I do make lists, but I cross off what I can... and what I don't finish goes to tomorrow's list...
I am okay with that.

I love that I love books, but even more so that God has given me a love for books that are not fiction. For the last 10 years, I have struggled with any spiritual book, outside of fiction. I get three chapters in and never go back. But not anymore, in my book bag right now is


The big questions in just the beginning for me were:
1) Do I see Work as worship?( The kids, the mess, the chores, the meals?)
           I had to be honest....NO.
2) Would you serve those in your house differently if Jesus was a guest?
       I find I have a different attitude when serving guests, more joy&purpose
            So Yes I think came the hammer.... I need to RE-ADJUST
                         I NEED TO SHOW MY FAMILY I VALUE THEM TOO
       picture me, in Starbucks, coming to the realization, wanting to weep while turning to my heavenly gracious father...thanking him for his great MERCY...finding the Good Portion                      (see Luke 10:38-42)in my daily life.

I encourage greatly all to read this!
You can purchase the book here....Everyday Worship

(linked on WFMW at we are THAT family

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