Saturday, July 2, 2016

Vacation with Jesus

July 2 2016
Festivities of the day before are over, but summer has started and the desire to relax and put aside the regular obligations, the constants of our regular days and embrace the full understanding of vacation is tempting.

I am immersed in family. I haven't seen my sister's and brothers and their kids in two years.  But I am surrounded when counting my kids too 10 kids 8 and under, 8 siblings and my mom and dad.... It is only going to get busier and I am loving it!!!

But today lacking sleep from kids not sleeping through the night and up till 12 laughing and playing games with my sisters and brothers I got up early. I spent time with Jesus. This is not me looking for applause but more so me confessing that it is easier to forget that I committed to Jesus that I would spend time with him. It would be easier to sleep in and chill out when I woke up, or not even get out of bed.
But instead I pulled myself out of bed, and here I am meeting Jesus and I am refreshed in more ways than a cup of coffee and family can ever do for me.

The word was challenging and hard, convicting and encouraging and pushing me into worship, repentance and growth.

I am studying Acts through #shereadstruth. How can we live in the boldness of our faith today when tolerance of everything but biblical Christian faith is acceptable. When speaking truth is not welcome even when spoken in love. When it is easier to live with a veil covering our "faces" then allow for the people to see the evidence of the spirit working in us outside of the safety of our church building.

Do you need to heaar this, do you need to see Christ today? To you need to allow Christ into your vacation time?
I pray that you carve the time out, surrounded by the attention of family and children and the beauty of vacation to invite the Lord into this time too.