Wednesday, December 3, 2014

 Snow drifting, temperatures dropping, Christmas lights light up my dark country lane.
Garland and lights, stuffed snowman and Christmas music fill my house
Advent readings, new traditions, baked good, and icing tasters

 Tonight as I wrap my hands around a cup of warm, spicy tea, and listen to a new album by a very talented friend, I can't help but linger...

Karla Adolphe is a very talented musician and a good friend. Her songs have a hauntily beautiful sound to them. They make you think of a light fluffy snowfall, and a walk in mild winter temperatures. They encourage you to fold into a blanket, warm drink of choice in hand and reflect on what this season's meaning truly is.

I love how when she sings "We three Kings" you are drawn in and it is personal, this is not an overly common Christmas song, but I become expectant and long to see the Star.

In the song " Do you hear, what I hear?" She encourages you so that you wish you could have heard and seen, she invites you to the precious serenity of the stable home of Jesus Christ.

There are three more songs on the album, one being an original. I can see this album playing over and over in my home this season as I linger with my Father.

Karla describes the songs as  "The songs express themes of pilgrimage, longing, hope, revelation, visitation and prophecy. I hope in them you find rest, linger with me and thank you for joining me on this journey." ( as quoted from her blog)

Advent means COMING
I invite you to come, linger here with me, pick up a cozy blanket, warm cup of choice, come sit at the feet of our God, meet Him as we have been beckoned to. Let this season be about HIM, his love, his sacrifice, and the greatest gift.(More on that inspiration from a favourite blogger and encourager Ann Voskamp tomorrow.)

Please follow this link and be blessed this season,