Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Music tells a story

I have been finding myself longing for an album that sweeps me away. An album that takes me on a journey, keeps my feet moving and my heart dancing. 

Last winter I had the wonderful privilege of reviewing a friend of mine's Christmas album,go here Lingering.  It was hauntingly, beautiful, warm and comforting while speaking truth and life. If you want to read my review go here
When the opportunity came to review her new album I jumped on it. Karla Adophe has done it again! This time live. What I would have given to be able to see this in action. But I will settle for listening to it constantly on my headphones.
When I first played the album, I was quickly dancing and singing, drumming and thoroughly taken.
In fact so much that I looked up at all four of my kids staring at me!

Trouble Won't Go:
Right away you are carried away by the amazing beat, which only adds to the amazing lyrics and truth. Karla encourages you, and gets the lyrics in your head, for times when we can speak the truth to ourselves. Trouble doesn't go, but we have a refuge.

This song makes you want to sing it at the tops of lungs! This is a song of freedom and break through!

Ice roads:
I have been walking through what it means to trust God, this song speaks what I have been walking through. Ice roads are treacherous, but I will trust that your strength will hold me. This song causes you to look into your own heart and find your own trust in the Lord.

No Grounds For love:
A pursuit for our souls. A song of desire, of longing for relationship, of never giving up.

A Child of The King:
A song of delight, delighting in our Lord and his creations. This song speaks to life in the arms of adoption with the Lord. 

Wait, if you have been listening just put the album on repeat, because it may start at song one, but by the time you reach song 5, the Christian life starts over again. This is an album that so clearly speaks to the constant walking out of a life devoted to God. We never conquer these issues, instead we walk through them again in a different situation. 

I have been a great fan of Norah Jones in her early years, and Karla fills that space now. Karla incorporates her love of Jesus and her amazing talent in a beautiful work of art that I will find myself playing over and over!

This album is released today! If you make one purchase on #newmusictuesday make it this one! You will not regret this. You can purchase here: http://karlaadolphe.bandcamp.com/album/karla-adolphe-live-at-the-space

If you leave a comment, there will be a draw to receive a digital download of this album for free. This draw is open to all readers, and will be closing Tuesday next week.
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  1. Thanks for introducing me to someone new! Always looking for new and inspiring music!