Monday, March 9, 2015

Cleaning is Hard! #31daystoclean

February has passed, March is here and it has been here for a while.
At the beginning of this year, I decided I was going to commit to quite a few things when it came to me. My personal daily walk with Christ, my house, my mommy life, and my wife life. I want to provide for my family a home that is peaceful, not consistently messy or dirty, a home where we don't yell at each other and a home of peace, that my husband will enjoy coming home too.

So personal time with Jesus, became more deliberate and creative with #documentedfaith verse focusing, #ifequip daily devotionals, and #shereadstruth devotionals. I also want to dive in to a few books, we will see where that goes. If you want to connect with me through #documentedfaith you can follow me on instagram @jessncommunity

For my house:
I decided to buy a book back in November titled "31 Days to Clean"( See picture)
It took me till February to really crack this book open.
The author was doing a challenge and I knew I needed that kick in the butt.
It has felt like a long 31 days! Let's be honest, cleaning and organizing are not my all!
But, with the help of this book and my new friend the "Fly Lady"(if you don't know her, you need to!!)
My house is seeing progress!! I am seeing areas that normally build up and get in to piles that seem like mountains, not become mountains. I have a reference point for the last time I wiped down the front and inside of my cupboards, my closets are getting a regular cleaning and most importantly, I am less stressed and more relaxed in a positive way about my home.

I wanted to do a bit of a summary of things I have learned so far with 31 Days to Clean.

I have learned that I want my house to be a refuge, a resting place, a place to come, sit and be. I have also learned it can't be that way unless I clean it, so I can properly rest.
I have been able to keep a schedule for the most part that does not make me feel suffocated.
I have learned and understood a real process of "His grace is enough for me" in my home keeping skills, not as an excuse to do nothing, or the least amount, but to do the most that I can and not beat myself up for it when I don't finish my list.
I have taken the time to focus on what I want my priorities to be, and how to walk through what I want to do about these priorities and verses to encourage me.
I have learned that this is something that I need to stay consistent in, continue to prod myself and keep on track with. That it is good to journal and keep these entries so that I can go back and remind myself.

It may have been a long 31 days so far, I am so grateful for the ways in which my house has seen rejuvenation, and I am feeling more on top of the day to day. And God is in the midst of all that!

Till next time, hopefully not too long,


  1. I'm proud of you, Jessica, for fighting through!

  2. I have that book too but just as soon as I bought it, we decided to do some work to our house so we moved up to my mom's...she is like living in a house with 10 two year olds. If she sees a clean surface, she immediately puts a pile of paper or dishes or flower pots or whatever else she can get her hands on it! After a couple of months, I just gave up. Today you can't even SEE the top of the dining table for all the papers! It is driving me insane but I plan to read 31Days ANND implement the advice as soon as we get back home. That should be next week...YAY!!!!!!
    Oh, and I signed up for the fly lady emails too, but good grief she sends out a LOT of emails!!